What is T5s TV?

T5s TV from Tennent's allows everyday 5-a-side players to upload videos of the last 20 seconds of their game online by simply hitting one of the big red buttons on the sides of selected pitches in our T5s enabled centres.

Whether it’s a dodgy tackle, a cheeky nutmeg or the goal of your life, all you need to do is hit the button to immortalise those golden 5-a-side snippets.


Sounds good! Where can I play?

The T5s TV system is currently live at:

Check out their websites to book a pitch!


I can't find my clips on the website

You can search for clips on the website by centre, pitch, date and time. If you can't find them there then email our support team and we'll look into it for you. Please note that the service is designed for over 18s, so if you look under 18 then our editorial team may have removed them. If this was a mistake then let us know!


Can you take clips down?

If, for whatever reason, there's a clip of you on the site that you want taken down then just let our support team know and we'll get that sorted for you.


Are you planning on launching at other centres?

We'd love to launch at other centres! If you'd like us to come to your local centre then mention it to them - the more demand there is, the more likely we are to expand.


What does the app do?

The T5s app takes the hassle out of organising 5-a-side games by letting you create fixtures, invite your mates and collect responses. You can also issue awards after games and watch T5s.tv videos from your fixtures! Check out more info about the app here.



If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to get in touch!